Research Boiler

The research boilers is a 1,000 lb steam/h watertube boiler that is used for evaluating combustion and emissions performance of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. (view schematic)

Fluidized-Bed Combustor/Gasifier

The fluidized-bed test unit can be operated in either the circulating or bubbling bed mode and can be operated as either a combustor or gasifier. It is used for investigating fundamental fuels combustion/gasification performance, emissions characterization, and deposition/agglomeration behavior. (view schematic)

Drop-Tube Reactor

The drop-tube reactor is an electrically heated unit used for a variety of fundamental studies including pyrolysis and oxidative kinetics parameters, release profiles of volatile matter, nitrogen, and carbon, and depositional characteristics when using coal and opportunity/biomass fuels. (view schematic)

Gasification Reactor

The gasification reactor is a laboratory-scale fluidized-bed reaction system capable of gasifying a variety of traditional fossil fuels as well as opportunity/ biomass fuels. It is used for fundamental kinetics studies and fuels evaluation. (view schematic)

High-temperature, High-pressure Entrained Flow Reactor

The high-temperature, high-pressure entrained flow reactor is used to study the pyrolysis and gasification kinetics, mineral matter transformations and interactions of coal and biomass ash with refractory materials.

Fuel Preparation/Processing Equipment

Fuel preparation and processing equipment are available for cleaning coals, size reduction and classification of coal and biomass, and coal-water mixture (CWM) preparation. Pilot-scale facilities include two continuous ball/rod mill systems, several crushers, a hammermill, an air-swept pulverizer, three high-speed centrifuges, and mixing tanks/pumps for CWM preparation and handling. Bench-top facilities include several types of mills, crushers, and screening systems for fuel processing.

Stationary Power Director